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In this powerfull course i will teach you amazing magic effects and tehcniques to create your owns effect, also the best advices to improve your magic faster, and to get the best fucking reactions form your audience!

Magic with DIFERENT ELEMETS, not only with cards.


You are about to have a super base ground to start growing your magic path.


The best thing is that this course is designed on a Mobile format, you will can practice everywhere and see the videos on your phone

3 complete Lessons / videos and theory, with a total of 7 effects plus techniques and advices.

The real secret of magic is NOT THE "TRICK"... the trick is just a 20% of the magic... i will teach you the other 80%

So click below and start your magic jorney.

See you soon.


After you make the payment please send me an email,

with the screenshot of your payment and the name of the product.

(you can click here)

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