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WARNING: only a few spots left
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Hypno program

FOR Panic attacks

This program will change your life forever, thats why I need to be sure if we can work together. In 15 min we will discuss the steps to take, in order to make this program successful for you. Every person is different and thats why your program will be personaized for you and your situation.

It's difficult to live when you regulary have sudden attacks of panic. You never know when  you might have unexpected episode of fear.

Once it occurs you have shortness of breath, racing heart, sweating, feeling of choking, chest pain and a fear of dying.  The axaiety is getting control of your body, that you can't even move. But the most horrible part is that you think no one can be there  so quick to help you to survive. You think this episode can be the last one.

A normal life is waiting for you.

You will have control to stop this nightmare before it appers again.

Just imagine a normal life where  you can do whatever you want and get rid panic disorder.

You have control in you mind. The fear of dying, sickness, numbness and tremors will be left in the

You won't need to  tell everybody what can happen to you and how to react if you are facing an attack.

You can change your life right now. You will be free to make new memories with your family and friends. You will feel open to connect with new people. You will be able to use your full potential and live the life you deserve. 

Finally you will focus your mind on what is important. You will put your energy in developing yourself, having experiences you always wanted, travel the world, meet new people. Basically, you will be free from limitations that the panic attacks put on you

WARNING: only a few spots left
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face-to-face SESSION
WARNING: only a few spots left


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